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How does one control the mind? We have stimuli coming at us from all directions. everything wants our attestation and our thought space.  There is 1 thing that we have complete control over our own mind!  I have seen many people let their most powerful and prized gift run wild. my self included, there is a feeling of freedom that comes from running wild. what most don’t realize is that there is also a great responsibility that comes along with that freedom.  Yes, allow your mind the freedom it craves, but in a frequency, a state , a thought that supports and uplifts you. 
Here are 4 sure fire ways in which you can control your mind. 
 MINDFULNESS:  There are four foundations of mindfulness with each one buildings on the last. Awareness of the body and the body sensations.  This strengthens the connection of the mind and body. The connection has always been there from the moment you are born. It serves as your flight or fight response. If the connection is not nourished, it will weaken and fade. It can not and will not completely disappear.. It will be in the back ground. 
The first step is to bring your conscious awareness to the forefront of your daily life. By conscious breathing. 
sit with your back straight or lay down with your back straight. Breathe in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth.  As you breathe bring your awareness to the tip of your nose. Feel each intake of breathe spreading  out to your entire body. Other thoughts will come let them, then bring your awareness back to you breathe. 
Contemplation:  Allowing your mind to wonder over a thought in a relaxed state. Contemplation gives you detachment so that you can view your thought. freely and from all sides.  
Practice:  Sit or lay down with your back straight, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your mind to become objective. What is this, how does this relate to me? Why is this in my experience?  Be present observer in the moment. As other thoughts come, acknowledged them. Bring your awareness back to the focus of your contemplation. 
The practice of mindfulness and contemplation strengthen the mind, body connection. easily and with little resistance. Practice 1 or both for 7 days,  you will see results.
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