Hi I am Mike Perry

meditation coach

It is my goal to provide you with simple actionable steps. That you can take to continue the flow of inspiration, motivation, and achievement. Mikes Meditations was born out of a deep desire to illuminate the path that you are on. So that you can see the small trip hazards in your way. But more so that you can see the opportunities all around you. 


What can you find here

  • A relationship with the inner you
  • Cultivating a strong inner voice of action, inspiration, and achievement.
  • A road map to your desires
  • A place of peace and comfort
  • Steps to master your mind and life 

Who is my site for?

  • You are wanting to better understand yourself. 
  • You want to live a more healthy, loving, peaceful and abundant life 
  • You want to grow in mind, body, and spirit
  • You want to be the master of your life

It is my pleasure to be of service

by Mike | Allow me to introduce myself!