Do you ever feel stuck?

Like you’re not getting enough done in life to where you should be in life?


Where does this come from? How do I put a stop to it?


All of the above come from wrong thinking!


If the above is you then how do you train yourself to think correctly?


Here is a simple truth!

You are what you think. The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your life.

Want a better life? Think better thoughts!

Below is a step by step guide to do just that! My post will give you simple steps to think better thoughts and to make better decisions.


Get to know your body. This is one of the most important steps. Without clear and open communication between you and your body, you cannot and will not succeed. 

This is because the body is the foundation of all things in your physical reality. You could have all the riches that you could ever want, but without a healthy body, you would not enjoy them.


“Sit quietly for 3 minutes and bring your attention to your breath, be aware of the air as it enters and exits your body.  


Notice any part of your body that is stiff, tense or sore. Tell that part of your body to relax, give it permission to relax.


Now bring your attention back to your breath. Breathe in as is as comfortable for you as possible.

 With each deep breath feel your stomach rise and fall. 

Now when you are ready? Open your eyes and stretch.”



By doing this simple exercise daily, you will open and strengthen your mind and body communication. 


Key benefits of a mind-body connection:

Your body is in a state of peace which allows for clarity

Your body is in a state of love which allows for increase in creativity

Your body is in a state of happiness which allows for an increase of motivation.


Now to the next step,

Become consciously aware of your thoughts.

Now that you got your body tuned like a fine car, your body will tell you what your quality of thought is.


When you have a thought …any thought, it creates a reaction from your body.

How your body responds, is in direct relation to your thought. 

One way to look at this is: you just turned your body into a fine new car. Are you going to put watered down gas in the tank or do you want to put premium in it?

(Bonus tip: to help your mind fire on all cylinders you need to be hydrated.  The fluid that allows your brain to fire electrical impulses from one point to another is primarily made of water.)


Being consciously aware of your thoughts allows you to be in control of them. You are the creator, manager, and director of your life.


Sit for 3 minutes

Bring your attention to your breath and allow your body to relax.

Now, allow your mind to wander. Observe your thoughts and the feelings that come with them. Make a mental note of your thoughts and feelings.

When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch.

By doing this simple exercise daily, you will open and strengthen your mind and body communication. 

Check back tomorrow for part 2 


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