Mind-body connection


The easiest way to understand the connection between your mind and body is in the form of “intuition.” That subtle feeling in the pit of your stomach that inspires or warns you.

The connection of mind and body is present in every living thing. Even when the connection is not consciously understood.

After reading this post, you will have an understanding of your mind and body connection and how to strengthen that connection.

What happens when you see your favorite food? Your mouth starts to water, your stomach may even grumble. That is one way in which the mind and body communicate.

How about when you see a close friend or a loved one after a long time? You feel excited, a little euphoric even, and your stomach gets your pesky butterflies.

The pathway that allows for communication of the mind and body is our emotions and thoughts. Have you ever stressed yourself to the point of having a stomachache or a headache?

Our thoughts and emotions are the starting point of all communication both internally and externally. When you are in conscious control of both, you are able to direct the power that is you!

Ok cool. I feel powerful, but power is not everything … Right?
Not quite, false power is not everything. Power gained by oppression and fear is nothing. It may bring some results, but they will not be satisfying, fulfilling or lasting.
True power comes from within you! Yes, I know that! Do you? Are you able to be the dominating force when it is needed and are you able to step aside when it is your turn to follow instead of lead?
If you answered yes, then, you are right, you do KNOW your power. Knowing of and knowing are two different things.

What does all this have to do with my mind and body connection?
Simple. The mind and body connection is the foundation of building and harnessing your power. The foundation is the most important part of anything.

How do you know if you’re building a good solid foundation?
Observe your thoughts
Observe your emotions
Are your thoughts negative, or positive?
Are your emotions negative, or positive?

Here is a little game I play before I go to sleep. As I am lying in bed, I think about something that matters to me. Like taking my family on a vacation. Just the thought of going someplace that I have not been before and meeting new people makes me very excited. I am also aware that I have my responsibilities that preclude me from taking a vacation at this time. But I can now take ACTION to guide my thoughts and emotions to the “vacation” and all the fun that my family will have instead of focusing on my responsibilities, thus turning that negative into a positive.

Now a little spring cleaning is in order. As you observe your thoughts, notice any patterns that repeat and ask yourself do these patterns benefit me and the path in life that I am on?

Yes? No? Maybe?

As you start to consciously observe your thoughts and emotions, you will also start to become consciously aware of your outer life. The people, places, and things that are around you. Do you see patterns of your thoughts reflected in your outer world?


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