Giovanni Dienstmann has done an amazing job of bringing meditation to the masses.  Rather you’re new to meditation or have practiced for years there is some wisdom for you on his site live and dare.

Hey, let’s cut to the point. Meditation is just about everywhere now and for good reason.  There are no other means of self-fulfilment and personal transformation more powerful than meditation.  

Giovanni breaks things down into small bite-sized bits of information that is easy to swallow. If you are looking to start a meditation practice or deepen your understanding of meditation in its many aspects  Live and dare is a great resource and place to start!  

Munch of his content is free, Though Giovanni does offer a 5-week meditation course for $59.00

The value that is in this course is without question.  

Course includes

  • 5 weeks of daily lessons 
  • A Cheat Sheet to help you stay on track 
  • Q&A forum 
  • 60 Days of email support 
  • A supportive community 
  •  Free updates for life 



Are you ready to master your mind

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Master your mind

Challenge your mind change your life

Live and Dare a meditation resource destination 


A voice for wisdom to fill a mind with peace

Listen as well as read with Giovanni’s podcast episodes 


Personal reflections 

Meditation should be part of every school company and organization. The benefits and personal insight far out weight the cost! 

Empower the individual to empower the community to change the world!